Trusted Advisor Partnering for Results

Ascent Advisor is a management consulting firm taking organizations to the next level.

We are a trusted advisor to innovative leaders seeking performance breakthroughs.

We are experts in strategy acceleration to achieve critical results every 100 days.

Ascent Advisor stands for positive change. As our identity shows, Ascent Advisor is represented by two interconnecting “A”s.

The arrow pointing up, symbolizes the value creation in the Ascent. Completing the Ascent is the Advisor, pointing the way forward. Going upward and forward means change for the better.

Our work stands for the highest standards of integrity, intelligence, innovation and impact.

We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed.


Our work stands for the highest standard of professional and personal integrity. We put our client’s interests ahead of our own. We stand free to tell it as we see it. We work as one team, achieving client goals, while living up to our values.


We believe that intelligence is applied knowledge. We are a highly effective team putting complementary skills and specialized expertise to work for our clients. We rely on competent teams to arrive at the best solutions. We lead by helping others succeed.


We foster creative collaboration, which means one fourth creativity, and three fourths collaboration. The best ideas come by building on others’ sparks of imagination and by freely exploring possibilities. We advance novel ideas and create new opportunities.


We are successful by helping our clients be successful. Creating value for our clients is our driving focus. We look for opportunities to help leaders achieve the highest level of success imaginable for their enterprise.